Permit Number Permit no: 18/9607
Excellent Opportunities for KSA Smart Services
  • Saudi Arabia is projected to spend $40 bn on ICT infrastructure and Digital Transformation in 2018 alone
  • The announcement of the futuristic $500 bn NEOM city project, with the aim of becoming the most advanced and interconnected city ever envisioned
  • A Smart Services deal was signed for the design of ICT infrastructure and smart services for the $1.5bn Jeddah Tower project
  • The market value for smart cities is estimated to reach a whopping $3.5 trillion by 2026
  • Saudi Arabia became the first Middle Eastern country to test 5G technology, a pillar of smart services and cities
  • Saudi Arabian Telcos are preparing to roll-out fully fledged 5G networks in preparation for the first 5G-enabled devices in 2019
  • Last year, Hanson Robotics’ “Sophia” became the first robot to be granted citizenship when Saudi Arabia formally made her a Saudi citizen
  • Digital infrastructure and data security are considered the most important challenges that must be addressed when creating smart and connected cities
  • A digitally-capable workforce is the backbone of any smart city, and a large focus of the Vision 2030 realization plan