Permit Number Permit no: 18/9607
About KSA Smart Services Summit

Digital transformation lies at the heart of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. It is a cornerstone of the Kingdom’s future growth and development and it enables Saudi Arabia “to seize the opportunities of the digital age”.

The announcement of the $500 bn NEOM Megacity by HRH Prince Mohamed Bin Salman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, demonstrates the country’s commitment to innovate and become a global leader in the latest and most disruptive technologies.

To achieve this ambitious goal, the Kingdom plans to:

  • Expand its digital infrastructure and regulatory environment to make a digital transformation possible
  • Create Smart cities that control traffic and manage energy supply, enhancing quality of life.
  • Expand e-government to deliver public services more effectively.
  • Invest heavily in skills, ensuring the people of the Kingdom develop the knowledge to create and innovate.
  • Give citizens the opportunity to engage government constructively, crowdsourcing the ideas and generating the feedback that will help shape the future of the Kingdom.
  • Develop new industries encompassing robotics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

The KSA Smart Services Summit will bring together the key decision makers from Government Departments & Authorities, Local Municipalities, Semi-Government companies, Real Estate Developers, Consultants, Innovators, Technology & Solution Providers, Investors and Financiers to discuss the above.

What will be covered?